Will Shipley: Is He Clemson’s “McCaffery” ?

The resemblance between Shipley and Christian McCaffery is uncanny. McCaffery was 6-0 202 coming out of high school going to Stanford while Shipley is 5-11 200. CMC was ranked as the #2 APB in the country in the 2014 class. Shipley is the #1 APB in the 2021 class. Check out the stats below:

The comparisons are there. The promise is there for Will Shipley to come in to Clemson, claim Travis Etienne’s #9, who claimed it from Wayne Gallman, and make a name for himself. Shipley has that kind of ability. Stay tuned as we are in midst of getting Shipley’s reaction and thoughts on his commitment.

Mark Sturgis’ Take On Shipley:

“Shipley is a multi tool, versatile weapon that will mostly be compared to Christian McCaffrey due to his skin color.  If that’s the case, then Clemson fans will have to think back to Ken Callicut of the Red Parker and Charlie Pell days of the late 1970’s as a reminder.  Shipley is also a multi tool star off the field which fits right in to the Tigers current model.”

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