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  • We Clemson Fans, Friends and Family are so fortunate to be Blessed with the Best Coach in Dabo and his Family. So Proud of Will! What an Inspirational Family!! God Bless You and be with You ???♥️???

  • I’ve always loved the Clemson Tigers. Many of my family went there and graduated from Clemson . Not only a great school. Many great courses to take and be what you wanted to be. And great sports to be in , too. Many of the Football player went on to be professional players in many teams across the USA. ….

  • What a testimony. Thanks for sharing. May God allow you to bloom fully for the rest of your journey. Proud that you are at Clemson.

  • God Bless You and be with You!!! I as a devout Clemson Fan is very Blessed to have You as one of Clemson Tigers Coaches!!! Thank You ?♥️???

  • Brent is the best thing to ever happen to the Clemson defense. I liked Kevin Steele, but it was like the perfect storm when WV gutted his defense in Miami. Fate?

  • How can people possibly practice social distancing and wearing masks when theres a 3 day July 4th festival at the lake with concerts and other activities? This just encourages people to ignore the recommendations made to not attend big crowd gatherings . People are not going to Add in alcohol and just make it worse . When these kinds of activities are allowed by our governor no wonder our state has high case numbers.

  • I as many would be willing to watch from home. While it would hurt my heart it would be a small sacrifice to watch my tigers.

  • you couldnt pick a better school or coach to play for or attend GO TIGERS

  • Awesome! I’ll admit, at first, I thought it was a throwback to when Travis first got offered. Now I’m wondering if Trevor Lawrence has a little brother or cousin who’s name is Travis.

  • We would love to see you play at Clemson! As an alumnus, I can tell you that you’ll never regret attending Clemson! It truly is a special place where you’ll be welcomed as family! Hope to see you running down the hill wearing the orange and white! Go Tigers ?!!!

  • Would love to see you join the Clemson family. As an alumnus, I can tell you you’ll never regret coming to Clemson. You get a great education from a top notch university in a beautiful setting. I hope to see you wearing the orange and white running down the hill in front of 82,000 fans! Go Tigers ?!!!

  • Congratulations for the opportunity to be a pilot training officer! Clemson University is proud of you!

  • Wow! Congratulations and good job on ALL of the effort that went in to this major accomplishment. Hard work DEFINITELY pays off! Continued success and safe flights!

    You have made Clemson University Proud!!!

  • Would love to know when those testing positive recovered and resumed their life.

  • “All individuals who had previously tested positive as of the last release on June 26 have completed CDC-recommended isolation and are either back in activity or awaiting final medical clearance.”

    this was in the Piece … hope it helps

  • If I’m not mistaking, talking about Notre Dame, they have an agreement with the ACC, that if they join a conference, it must be the ACC. Having said that, I also think there was a time stamp on that clause with the ACC, but I’m pretty sure it is still well into the future per the agreement.

  • No matter who you choose to play for good luck on your college experience and beyond. That said it would really be great to see a great player like yourself come be a big part of our Clemson family. Clemson has a great recent history of prepairing your men like yourself for the move on to the next level of playing football on Sundays in the NFL. Choose what you believe is the right move for you personally to make but the Clemson family is very loyal to our players and would love to pull for you on the Saturdays that you wear our colors and on the Sundays that you will surely be wearing the colors of a NFL team. Again good luck with whoever you choose to plat for.

  • What he says is true it is unbelievable how much progress has been made since the 1960’s. Carpe diem. Just like women minorities made gains with perseverance, hard work, going against the grain. A no one can stop me but me attitude. That is too much effort for a lot of people. They are the whiners, the “Toddler” generation. When did we start honoring this kind of nonsence.

  • I Believe Coach Swinney is an upright standard man who loves his players. Some things you just can’t fake. If you believe in God which I do then you would know that no matter what God will take care of His people. Coach I’m Trusting and Believing that you will be better than Ever which means Everyone around you will as well. God Bless you and the Entire Clemson Family!!

  • DABO Swinney shows his love for God and these young men in many ways, mostly, he lives what he says. Racist? NEVER!!!!! Those who decommited will find the truth in his words one day. It is their loss to attend another school.

  • Somebody Must be getting into their heads.They are Listening to the wrong people and making their minds up for them.If they Are Not All In Dont Commit.Plain As Day We Dont Need Them If They Are Undecided.

  • Word to the wise…. stop apologizing. Coach didn’t say anything wrong so stop acting like you did….. Blacks have made a lot of progress… it’s hard for any white man to relay that story to our community even if what you say is true. It may cost you right now why people seek to bring you down. Continue to do the same things you’ve been doing… Treat people well and do good works for all communities. Sometimes we are persecuted for things that we didn’t do.

  • The people wo think he is a racist are the same ones who think the Confederate Flag and monuments and statues are racist.

  • CONGRATS to Trevor Lawrence and Marissa Mowry!

  • Congratulations Trevor and Marrissa! Wishing you all the best and many happy years together!

  • Very nice. Congratulations to you both and here’s to your blessed life as you venture into the future.

  • Congratulations to a great couple. hope you have many years together.

  • Congratulations! May God bless your marriage immensely. Forever one.

  • Very proud of how these Ladies performed . I was so excited to see Clemson finally have a ladies softball team ! All of Clemson nation is proud of you! I am from Chas.,SC & we are planning on a weekend in Clemson next year to come watch the Lady Tigers !

  • If players are that easily changing their mind, better now than later and I hope they are happy wherever they go . Dabo is not racist in any way shape or form, all players are treater the same according to their actions not their skin color . All in for Clemson and Dabo !

  • Why do the reporters not talk to former players like Easton, Wilkes, and Hopkins etc. they will tell all these players what a great person Dabo is.

  • Congratulations you two! Wishing you years of happiness. ????

  • Wishing you two love bird’s many happy moments in your lives. And remember when all your teeth fall out, that isn’t a reason to part ways! Haha
    Actually, my Tiger husband proposed to me when he had graduated Clemson and I was a rising senior. That was 40 years ago and we love each other to this day. Don’t listen to others and do things your way. Love you two cuties.🧡💜🧡💜

  • Living is much better than dying when it can be prevented. The greatest thing all of us can do is attack the virus, not each other. To my nursing, scientific, economic, and then regular great Tiger alumni and students, a few weeks of discipline can drop the virus numbers to a point it can just “go away”. Knowing it won’t just go away should alarm all since the virus keeps looking for ANY willing to let it in and spread. Fight the virus not each other.

    Clemson 1973, Chemistry

  • Former QB from the 80s Rodney Williams was #13 and was a standout player as well.

  • LSU-42 Clemmy-25

    We are not arrogant but LSU’s fan base reflects the culture of the Louisiana and Texas areas where most LSU fans reside.
    South Carolina is a more prototypical genteel Southern culture whereas Louisiana and particularly South Louisiana culture reflects the nature of the Area. South Louisiana is heavily industrialized with many Refineries and Chemical Plants. The offshore Oil & Gas industry is also very prominent. The culture here is a little hard and then there is the Cajun influence as well. They party hard. It is what it is.

  • Coastal Carolina it’s still a chicken that we can beat

    • Point spread from Harrahs Bookmaking and Entertaining. CLEMSON- Minus 34…Or it can be expressed USC + 34

  • Sir,
    It seems to me that even in the Bleachers that “Social Distancing will be maintained! Ergo, The Sound that Rocks The Southland” can still fulfill their purpose! We have a cheerleader who lives in our Condo on the Lake in Anderson…with less fans she is wondering “why bother coming back as a Sophomore?
    It seems CLEMSON is ditching a lot; that isn’t the Spirit I’ve seen in my years here in CLEMSON!!!

  • Now that they can breath that sigh of relief … They will muster up the energy to talk trash until the next lesson in humiliation comes.

  • Looks like everyone on the team made at least a 3.0!!!!! Couldn’t be more proud of the team if I tried!

    • Keep up the good work Chase you going to do great things love you!

  • I’ve watched Case grow for 4 yrs. He is an incredible young man and is one of the hardest working I’ve seen. As my son’s best friend he’s always encouraging my son to work harder. Chase is a great team leader and excels in everything he does. Raised by a great mom and dad. They put God first. Their faith is their power. Not only is Chase a awesome football player he’s a State wrestler too. Any college who chooses Case , will have a young man to be recon with on the field and will always be his best. Chase and his family are so well loved and supported in football and wrestling. Chase is Superman that can move mountains. You’ve only seen his beginning. Wait till College. I can see him playing for the NFL. With his mindset he can accomplish anything. I’m so proud of you Chase and love you more than you know. I am and always will be your biggest fan. Christina and John, you are awesome parents. And have done a great job with Case. Thank you for loving and supporting Seth. I love your family more than words can say. Thank you for being in our lives.

  • Keep up the good work Chase your going to do great things love you!

  • Chase the most impressive thing I read is that you serve a King that you give all the glory too !! Honey that will take you to places that you are dreaming of . He has his hand on you and I cry happy tears because you are a strong Christian man and I could not be prouder . Even our loved ones in heaven are smiling down on you !! I love you with all my heart . Don’t ever worry MiMi watches everything and I cheer you on !!!

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