Trevor Lawrence Talks UVA and More….

Trevor Lawrence
By Makenna Biehl

    Clemson starting quarterback Trevor Lawrence spoke with media Tuesday via Zoom. The meeting started with Lawrence discussing how he feels going into this weekend facing Virginia, who the team played last year for the ACC Championship. He acknowledges that he is headed into a game with a team that is very structured and disciplined. 

     Lawrence is prepared for the game coming up and feels that he is in an even better place for it than he was last year. He explained how he has learned more on the game’s mental side, which has improved his game overall. 

     As seen in the last game against the Citadel, the team has taken the extra step to help show the team’s social justice stance. However, Lawrence emphasized that he is not doing this to tie himself to any political organization; he is doing it because it is the best way to show his team he cares. 

    This year, a big thing for the team has been making sure everyone is ready to play whenever they are needed. With COVID testing put in place three times a week, any player needs to be prepared to step up at any moment. Lawrence praised how the guys have been focused on staying healthy in order to be able to play. 

    Lawrence and the rest of the Clemson Tiger Football team will be facing off against Virginia this Saturday at 8:00 PM in Death Valley.

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