#WeWantToPlay College Football Players Voice their Want to Play the 2020 Season

By Makenna Biehl
    As many know, national attention has been brought to the world of sports as the 2020 football season approaches. There has been an extensive debate on whether teams should take the field this fall to get back to competition, resulting in players taking to social media to express their opinion on whether or not they want to participate in this upcoming season.
    Clemson quarterback, Trevor Lawrence expressed how he did spend time considering whether or not he should decide to play, but in the end, he committed to this season. “Yeah, I think everyone’s thought about it just with everything going on. But since I made the decision to play, I haven’t thought about it again. That’s my decision. I’m committed,” said Lawrence. 

    Unfortunately, some players have decided to opt-out of playing this fall; however, attention has most recently been brought to players on social media, saying that they want to play. One of the most consistent things players have been using on Twitter is #WeWantToPlay. Using the hashtag, players have expressed their gratitude towards their football programs for everything they have done to keep their teammates, coaches, and staff healthy through this challenging time. As the season approaches, players are optimistic that they will be able to take to the field and compete for the 2020 college football season. 

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