Post Practice Player Interview: Amari Rodgers

By: Darby Childress

Amari Rodgers Media Release (1)

Amari Rodgers spoke with the media following today’s practice. He gave his opinion on a variety of topics one being the addition of, former Clemson running back, C.J. Spiller, to the coaching staff. He shared that “Spiller has been out at practice since last week. It’s awesome having him on the staff”. Many young stars on this year’s team could learn a lot from the former Clemson superstar and Amari made it aware that he too is going to “make sure that I pick his brain. I am excited to see what his coaching career turns into”.

With a season still up in the air and no real idea of what the season may look like, Amari addressed some concerns on the football team’s ability to stay and play, safe throughout the season. He stated that he feels that “We’re mature enough as a team not to go out. We know that we can put our season in danger”. Clemson still has not allowed for the return of students for in- person learning, and as of now, the plan is for them to return in mid-September. With that in mind, Amari gave his opinion on the idea of students return- “I feel like there is no concern for students coming back to campus. We had zero positive tests on Monday. That’s a huge sign for the maturity of our team”. Clemson allowed all of its students to elect for all online classes for the whole semester, it is unclear whether or not any players have decided to do that to eliminate the risks of catching COVID-19 by someone in their classes. Though Clemson is strictly enforcing mask mandates, and social distancing, both on campus and throughout the City of Clemson.

The NCAA announced a few days ago that they would be giving all players an extra year of eligibility regardless of if they played this season or not. Amari stated that “the extra year of eligibility gives a lot of people the opportunity to show off”, but made it clear that it is his, “last year, I’ve got to ball out. I know that. I put in the work so that when the time comes I’m ready to

go”. With that being said Rodgers is “locked-in”, and “ready to play in two weeks”, against Wake Forest.

Here are some quotes from Rodgers time with the media:

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