Gov. McMaster Speaks on COVID and Football

McMaster Speaks on COVID and Football
By Makenna Biehl

     South Carolina has now reached over 37,800 confirmed coronavirus cases, 1,497 of those being just from this Wednesday. Governor McMaster spoke on the issue, saying that if things don’t improve, he will be forced to shut things down. The most heartbreaking to most being the cancellation of college and high school football in the fall. McMaster said, “If we continue to see this kind of danger going across our state, we will have no choice but to keep these restrictions on crowds and gatherings in place, and that means this fall will not be like other falls. We will not be able to have college football, would not be able to have high school football.”

     However, the Clemson football team continues to put in work to ensure that they’re prepared if a season is allowed. College football players have entered the first phase of summer practice by using the allotted time allowed to work on strength and conditioning, and the NCAA has permitted teams to begin practice this month. From July 13th to 23rd, teams that have a season starting on September 5th are allowed eight hours for weight training, conditioning, and film review per week. This will be followed by 20 hours of athletically related activities per week for teams from July 24th to August 6th, including team meetings, training, and walkthroughs.
     The Clemson football program continues to put the best interest of its players and staff first to guarantee that the team remains healthy in hopes of playing this fall.


  • How can people possibly practice social distancing and wearing masks when theres a 3 day July 4th festival at the lake with concerts and other activities? This just encourages people to ignore the recommendations made to not attend big crowd gatherings . People are not going to Add in alcohol and just make it worse . When these kinds of activities are allowed by our governor no wonder our state has high case numbers.

  • I as many would be willing to watch from home. While it would hurt my heart it would be a small sacrifice to watch my tigers.


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