Game-day Crew Speaks On Clemson Vs NC State

Holly Rowe, Rece Davis Preview College Gameday + NC State Matchup

By: Grayson Mann

This Friday, CSN had access to two of the most prominent figures in the college football world, Holly Rowe and Rece Davis, to talk about College Gameday coming to town and previewing the matchup between the Wolfpack and the Tigers.

Holly Rowe is the sideline reporter for all the primetime games during the season, the playoffs, and the national championship, whereas Rece is the host of College Gameday.

This is the first time Gameday has been to Clemson in a non-covid setting since the matchup between Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson back in 2016.

When asked about the rivalry between NC State and Clemson, Holly had this to say.

“I think regionally, this is one of the biggest rivalries in all of college sports; if you don’t live in the Carolinas, I don’t know if you’re geeked up about this game. What I have learned, I have done now two of these games, and this will be my third in the last decade; and I just know this is really high-level football. Dave Doeren has established a quality and consistent program. I watched NC State against Texas Tech, and they have created a brand of swarming the football, and if you are aware of how important this game is, this could be a game that decides the ACC.”

Holly’s answer to my question hammers how vital this game is for the Tigers. The stakes could not be higher for both teams. For Clemson, another top ten matchup puts them in familiar territory with a lot on the line. For the Wolfpack, this game could be one of the most significant games in program history, with a shot at the playoff and the ACC title.

Rece Davis was up next, and while I asked him the same question, his answer was similar but brought a unique perspective to the upcoming game.

“It’s come a long way from being the textile bowl, right? The trophy that no one knows about in college football. I think anytime you have really good teams playing at a high level playing for high stakes, that always juices up the rivalry. When you have top ten opportuniti es, it becomes more of a national rivalry, and it does capture more attention which certainly helps with presentation. To be completely candid and fair in the eyes of the average college football fan, there is only one national power, and that is Clemson.”

He also gives insight into when Clemson truly arrived in the eyes of the nation and how it compares to the moment NC State has ahead of them for Saturday.

“We had a little debate this morning as to when Clemson’s real coming of age moment truly was. I know a lot of people go back to the LSU game in the Peach Bowl. I think it was the Notre Dame game. That was the first year that they would go on to play in the National Championship. They were not the higher ranked team, if memory serves, against Notre Dame. That was a moment that gave way to Clemson’s ascension into the ethereal realm of College Football. This is that moment for NC State, and they will have the opportunity to prove that on Saturday night.”

Rece’s understanding of college football history is compelling, and he builds a narrative with a snap of his fingers. This week has been all about the rivalry but what is being thrown under the radar is how significant the game is for the Wolfpack program. To come into Clemson and potentially pull off an upset would be their “Notre Dame” moment in their history.

This matchup will have it all, and hearing the perspective of college football’s icons only generates more excitement for Saturday night’s showdown.

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  • Most think the Tigers are down. Doren had his cigar and red solo cup last year. Clemson has not forgotten that display. Clemson will score and score often. Clemson 44 NC St. 27


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