BREAKING NEWS: Clemson Postpones On Campus Classes

By Makenna Biehl
    On Wednesday afternoon, President of Clemson University, Jim Clements, announced the school’s plans this fall. Clemson University will begin the fall semester online and will delay in-person instruction until September 21st. This means that students will not be able to live in university housing or have classes on campus. Clements said the decision was based on the current state of the coronavirus, saying, “Unfortunately, the progression of COVID-19, particularly in South Carolina and the Upstate region, continues to create a great deal of uncertainty around bringing students back to our campuses and beginning in-person instruction in August.” 

   Many students are upset about the decision as they are eager to get on to campus this fall; however, the university ensures that they’ll do everything they can to get students on campus. “We feel this is the safest course of action for our Clemson community. And I want to reiterate that Clemson remains fully committed to providing an in-person experience for all our students this fall – especially our new students whom I know are anxious to begin creating their own Clemson memories and our students who will be graduating in December,” said Clements.

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  • Living is much better than dying when it can be prevented. The greatest thing all of us can do is attack the virus, not each other. To my nursing, scientific, economic, and then regular great Tiger alumni and students, a few weeks of discipline can drop the virus numbers to a point it can just “go away”. Knowing it won’t just go away should alarm all since the virus keeps looking for ANY willing to let it in and spread. Fight the virus not each other.

    Clemson 1973, Chemistry


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