Tuesday Post Practice Interviews: Venables, Skalski, and Chad Smith


Clemson held its second practice in pads in the first week back on the gridiron. As the team wrapped up a warm August evening on the practice fields of Jervey Meadows behind the Allen Reeve’s Football Complex. On this evening the staff made available to the media Coach Brent Venables and two of his Linebackers Chad Smith and James Skalski.

Venables was quick to point out that after the first four days of practice no one has particularly stood out as someone to point too. Now he did heap some praise the way of his Linebacker corps when asked why he thought they were being “under-estimated”… Brent spoke on the fundamentals and consistency of this current group who lost a huge piece in the form of Kendall Joseph. The young backers speak on that and the fact they are now having to step into leadership roles that are new to them and more.

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