Tigers Qb Klubnik’s Parents Will Not Be Denied Chance to See Son Play

On Tuesday, as Cade Klubnik’s parents prepared for their post Christmas holiday flight to Miami… A flight that would make them able to attend their son’s first game as a starter in the Orange Bowl… things were going as planned … and then…. Well let’s just say as a lot of the country experienced the past few days (Flight cancellations) the Klubnik’s were not immune to. Next thing you know they find out their flight to south Florida was also canceled…With no other flights available, the family would not to be deterred. The Klubnik’s promptly piled into a rental at 10pm CST and hit the roads eastward and south seeking palm trees and warm breezes in place of cold winds and icy conditions.

Twenty hours of driving later the family arrived to join Cade in the 305 area code… the resolve of family not letting anything get in between their goal of seeing Cade’s first start. Be it Mother Nature or Software gone awry at an airline.. nothing was stopping the Klubnik family from getting to Miami. kudos to the Klubnik’s and safe travels home after the big game against the Vols on Friday night.

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  • True love and pride for your child, no matter the age,will always make away. GO CLEMSON


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