One on One with Cade Stewart



One on One with Cade Stewart


         Cade Stewart saw his first start of his college career against Texas A&M Saturday night in College Station. The redshirt sophomore hails from Six Mile, SC and graduated from D.W Daniel High School where he played with Coach Swinney and Coach Venables sons. During the A&M game, Stewart lead the team in knockdown blocks. On Saturday, Stewart and the Tigers will suit up against a team that had recruited Stewart while he was in high school; Georgia Southern.



            Stewart addressed the media on Monday and I was able to catch up with him and discuss his recruiting process including being recruited by Georgia Southern, a Clemson scholarship, playing at Kyle Field, and what is next for Stewart.


            Q – You were under recruited in High School, talk about who was recruiting you and what did it take to get Coach Swinney’s attention?

            Stewart – “I had a bunch of FCS offers, I had an offer from Georgia Southern which is really funny actually. I guess being from Daniel and his son playing when I did. Every week I had to go out and preform because Coach Swinney and Coach Venables, they were all there and I am sure they had a little eye on me. So that was cool, I got recruited differently than everyone else here, they watched me every Friday, instead of just one game on Friday or however the others got recruited.”



            Q – How did it feel for Clemson to approach you and offer you a scholarship?

            Stewart – “It was a month before signing day, I was like, did they really mean this? are they messing with me? I was torn but I think with the help of family and a lot of prayer, I decided that Clemson is the place for me.”


            Q – This was your first start; how did it feel to be playing in an environment like Kyle Field?

Stewart – ” Honestly, when you get out there and you see the stadium is huge and you run out there and then it becomes well, I need to do my job, you don’t realize there is 105,000 people out there yell at you. You’re like how can I get this job done? I thought it was really cool but at the same time I was like I really need to focus.”


            Q – What is next for Cade Stewart?

            Stewart –  “I am going to keep on doing the same thing that I have been doing for three years; keep working hard, focusing on getting better and practicing. I don’t plan on doing anything differently.”



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