Dabo Talks Georgia Tech at His weekly Press Conference


Dabo Swinney held his first pre game press conference of the season today inside the “team room” of the Alan Reeve’s Football facility. On this day Georgia Tech and game 1 of the season and conference schedule being on the Clemson coach’s mind. Swinney reminded the gathered media that goal number one on their listed team goals is “Win the Opener”. And off he went on with his opening remarks, and then took the time to take on questions.

Swinney quipped about “finding out where we are”… reiterating that “Openers are really tough” and making it a point to make everyone aware ” Openers are really tough, and you throw in an ACC opponent”.

On the injury front the Tigers Head Man said “injury wise we are in a good spot” adding that Amari Rodgers and Bryton Constantin remain out but says Rodgers is making an incredible and quick recovery from his ACL surgery this Spring.

On players that came out fall camp making noise… the names Jackson Carman and Jaylen Lay were thrown out there as two players that really made substantial improvements over all in many areas. With both these players being of need at their positions depth wise. In Carman’s case specifically, starting along the side of a veteran offensive line. Dabo said about Carman ” Understanding the game and transformed his body and had a great camp, and has a high football IQ” .

Swinney spoke on the unknowns that are the Georgia Tech philosophy going into this one. The Georgia Tech roster and scheme are making a huge transition as the Jackets morph into a Spread team more like Coach Collins’ Temple squads. As the Jackets acclimate, it’s Clemson that gets to be the proverbial “litmus test” … The Tigers have been studying Temple, and their offensive schemes when scouting this game. But the Techsters have to manage a roster that was built to run the triple option from the ground up … literally. So who knows what the Tigers will see on Thursday night in front of 82K plus inside Death Valley as the nation watches on National TV via the newly christened ACCN (Network)

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