Dabo Swinney Press Conference Recap



Dabo Swinney Press Conference Recap:

Dabo Swinney held his weekly press conference inside the Alan Reeve’s Football Complex this morning in front of the gathered media to discuss this week’s upcoming opponent Florida State.  Prior to taking questions from the press corps Swinney opened with a prepared statement and here are a few of the notes we took in the midst of his comments. 

Swinney first mentioned about the win versus NC State that they can “Build on the momentum we have created. . . As we progress, we have seen like where we are”. Then moving onto the Seminoles he said “excited about the game, it’s a great place to go play a ballgame. . . Very very talented across the board….Very committed to who they are” In regards to the FSU record and early season struggles “Schematically they are very convicted to what they do. . . First few games figuring out what their identity is going to be . . . Right there in there in the Miami game . . . Records don’t matter you gotta play the game” 

Swinney then expounded upon the preparation for this week’s game mentally “You have to prepare and respect every opponent “ ….. And on the Talent, FSU brings to the game “If the recruiting rankings mean anything we are 1-9 against them” . . . “They got talent “ 

Discussing the Seminoles defense and in particular, the standout defensive end who leads the nation in Sacks “Burns is the best we have seen at this point … twitchy athletic .. disruptive and got great length” 

Swinney was then asked about Trevor Lawrence and how he is progressing and he pointed out areas he needed to grow in, particularly the “inner clock” you have to keep in mind when being rushed in the pocket.  “You can only block those guys so long… Wants to slide left or right… that is just him growing up and managing the pocket… he did an awesome job”

On how this season the team has had the luxury to play so many freshmen. “ A few dynamic freshmen that have deserved to play”. Then was asked about his defensive backfield and their play so far in the season “Very talented . . . got guys that care a lot . . . little more seasoned across the board . . . Our guys are confident “

Swinney was then asked about Clemson starting times and if it bothered him the Tigers have not played a “night” game at home this year.   “We’ll play 6 am. noon.. midnight … just tell us when to play. . . We as a program don’t worry about it… .I’m thankful we are on TV”

Back to the Seminoles and the Clemson head man reminded the media “FSU is one of the most talented teams we are going to play” 


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