Clemson Rival Living Vicariously Through Others

Irony and the Gamecocks

This sounds like a bad movie, like BJ and the Bear. Josey and the Pussy Cats. Good, Bad and the Ugly. The Fast and the Furious. Irony and the Gamecock fans. Funny way to look at it, watching fanbase bask in the glow of Clemson losing to LSU in the national championship.

“Yeah! Suck it! Enjoy that #2 ranking, losers!!!!!”, said one usc fan on their message boards. Does anyone else see the irony in this statement? Enjoy that #2 ranking, losers????? Let’s look at a couple of season statistics that are relevant. USC finished 4-8, missing a bowl game and ended the season losing to Clemson (you know the #2 ranked losers) 38-3. Clemson allowed USC 174 total yards, with 69 coming on the ground and 9 total first downs. Did I mention the game was an away game in Columbia?

“I did watch the last few minutes of the game. I agree. Dabo would have tried to score to run it up a bit. He does that a lot. I’m glad LSU didn’t. It was classy to just run the clock out. That’s the way you play the game regardless of what Dabo would have done,” another USC fan had the courage to say.

If memory serves me right, Clemson, leading Alabama 44-16 last year, took the ball with 10:02 left and drove the ball down the field, and 13 runs later (and one pass for 0 yards), were at the Alabama 7 with 00:34 seconds left and let the clock run out. What the usc fan above is reliving is the game between two rivals. Hence, the irony in his statement is off the charts.

USC fans generally have no clue about what college football is all about. Do you want more proof???? USC fans love to throw out the SOS. “Are you saying the strength of schedule is not far apart for USC and Clemson? If so, then where do you get that from? Clemson didn’t play a team that finished ranked in the top 25 during the season. We played 5, 3 of which finished in the top 10.”

What they fail to realize is that for Clemson, the season is 15 games long, not 12. Clemson beat teams that were ranked during the season, but after a loss to Clemson, fell out of the top 25. Texas A&M falls into this category. Virginia falls into this category. Ohio State was ranked #2 and finished ranked 3rd.

Next year, Clemson fans need to be prepared for the same rhetoric they faced this year. Clemson plays literally the same conference schedule, replacing only UNC with Virginia. The out of conference is similar, playing Akron and Citadel (coot killer) instead of UNC Charlotte and Wofford. Clemson also replaced Texas A&M with Notre Dame, a perennial above average power house team, but only when they aren’t playing Clemson. You know, Clemson never plays anyone and when they do, that team suddenly becomes overrated. Ohio State was better than Clemson everywhere but the scoreboard.

Bottom line, USC fans are clueless and coattail riders. Go check these people’s clothes closet. You’ll find Alabama apparel, LSU apparel, Ohio State shirts, and probably even Texas A&M stuff. These guys are perennial losers and the ultimate SEC bandwagon fans. Clemson fans are living the dream. USC fans are living the nightmare.

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