Clemson fans… Sell Your Tickets…. Cancel 2021 Football Season Now!… ESPN Says So!

Well Clemson fans, the season is over. ESPN says so. On the local 101.7 ESPN radio show this morning, two ESPN commentators said Clemson is officially out of the CFP race because of their 10-3 loss to #5 Georgia. Yes, you can start planning weddings now, planning family reunions, and maybe a few fall 3-day weekend vacations.

They went on to say that Clemson plays nobody in the incredibly weak ACC and they will have no signature wins. Will this rhetoric ever stop? Probably not.

Paul Finebaum released a video today on Youtube. “Clemson’s Season is at DEFCON 1” after the loss to Georgia. This guy already has lost so much credibility with everyone NOT associated with the SEC and ESPN, why bother watching it, right?

ESPN released another video “Is Clemson’s Run with the Top Tier Programs in College Football over???”

Clemson fans are used to this kind of crap. I wonder who those “Top Tier” teams are. Would that be Oklahoma that barely beat Tulane? Would that be LSU who just lost to UCLA of the Pac12? Would that be Georgia that failed to score an offensive TD and whose only TD was an INT return? Would that be Ohio State that struggled beating Minnesota? It’s amazingly hilarious at the number of “experts” and “media” that basks in the glory of a Clemson loss.

The Tigers had a bad loss to Ohio State last year, albeit trying to overcome certain adversities. The loss to Georgia Saturday night could have been avoided but not because Clemson is somehow not elite due to beating themselves. Even the Georgia coach couldn’t resist saying stupid stuff “Well, you’re either elite or you’re not.”

Fear not Tiger fans, Clemson is far from dead. Saturday night, the Tiger offense was not clicking. Once it does, it’s going to be “Katie-bar-the-door.” There is no “DEFCON 1”. Clemson is not done being elite. Even usc fans are rolling saying “when is the last time you woke up on Sunday morning and we were 1-0 and Clemson was 0-1”. Rolling, they are, until November 27th rolls around.

Clemson can win every game between now and November 27th by 40+ points and still, the lame pundits at ESPN and the SEC will claim “cupcake conference” and “cakewalk” to the playoffs. By the time the Tigers have reached the ACC Championship, the offense will have found itself and asserted themselves on every team they played. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


  • I hope you are correct.
    If they do win every other game, it will surprise me. I never believed the hype about DJ. Saturday night I hoped to be proved wrong but instead I only gained conformation of the hype. He may have a great resume, he can obviously come out in the last quarters last year behind Trever and look good (with no pressure of losing). He still doesn’t measure up to the hype. He must be AMAZING at practice to fool Dabo and all those sponsors who threw money at him. Bottom line is he is NOT hungry enough or aggressive enough to be an elite team quarterback. Nor can he handle that pressure. I am sincerely waiting for him to prove me wrong but, a few more Dr. Pepper checks and he won’t even make it to a top 10 draft pick. Why should he even try. I just hope he don’t take the season down the tube with him. I would pull him next week just for giggles. The back up quarterback can do just as good if not better. Pull him next week.


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