Clemson Baseball Head Coach Monte Lee Previews the Fall Practice Season

Clemson Baseball Head Coach Monte Lee Previews the Fall Practice Season
By Makenna Biehl

    Clemson Baseball Head Coach Monte Lee met with media on Zoom Friday to discuss the upcoming fall practice season. Lee started by saying how things are different because of their larger than usual roster this year; this is due to the smaller sized MLB Draft. However, Lee explained how the NCAA has been flexible with the limit of players on the roster and on scholarship. 

     Lee further explained how this larger than regular roster might come as a benefit. He said, “We have a number of guys who we think could fill our lost positions. Once we see how they look in game-like situations, then we’ll begin to develop a feel for who we think our weekend rotation could be.” With an extensive roster, there is a lot of competition put in place on the team for starting positions. 

     Lee told media that he would coach the freshman group this year because he believes that they need a lot more one-on-one time with him. He genuinely believes that the freshman group is going to be a special one. 

     Lee and his coaching staff have taken the extra precaution of keeping their facility closed to limit close contact between players, which will hopefully help guarantee a successful and healthy fall practice season.

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