Board of Trustee’s Votes to Change Name of Honour College and Buildings on Campus

By Makenna Biehl

Clemson University has put all it’s attention to making a more diverse campus that students feel accepted and safe on. Clemson President, Jim Clements, released a statement on June 1st saying, “At Clemson, we value the rights of others. We are respectful of each other and our individual differences, beliefs, and ideas. We actively listen and communicate. We seek to understand one another’s challenges, and are tolerant and forgiving. And, we come from diverse backgrounds that make up on inclusive Clemson family.” Since then, the school has been working to listen to students and improve their inclusivity. One of the most important being renaming the honors college, that is named after John C. Calhoun. The university believes that the ideals and beliefs of the controversial figure do not represent the beliefs and values of the school, so the name was officially changed to Clemson University Honors College on June 12th.

   The Clemson University Board of Trustees also approved a request from the South Carolina General Assembly to change the name of Tillman Hall back to its original name, “Old Main”. These changes have been put in to place to show the core values that the university stands by.

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