“Chat With the Hat” Episode 1 With Guest Host CJ Spiller

Clemson, SC

The long awaited first episode of “Chat with the Hat” has finally come and here for your viewing pleasure watch as our Dean “The Hat” Cox ask’ CJ Spiller about his life before, during and after Clemson. Held on the back patio of Elkmont Trading Company. Episode 1 is the start of a Bi-Weekly Series held at 7pm on Wednesday every other week at Elkmont Trading . Remember ” If you have not been to Elkmont.. you have not been to Clemson.

Join us in two weeks when the Hat welcomes ex Tiger Defensive Back Robert Smith to join him and continue this unique series with an insiders look into all things Clemson.” Stay tuned here at CSN as the Hat will scheduling some great guest fo our upcoming “Chats”.

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” Remember if you have not been to Elkmont… you have not been to Clemson”

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