More Info Leaking out Of Tallahassee and the #4Clemson vs FSU Cancellation

The Hypocrisy of the Florida State Situation

By Zach Wagner

As the day has proceeded, more and more information has come out about the postponement of the Clemson vs. Florida State game that was announced just over three hours prior to kick off this morning.

The story goes; Clemson had a back up offensive lineman, who tested negative all three times during the ACC protocol trice-weekly testing. Sources are stating that the individual was showing symptoms, and was asked to take a third-party test. The player took the test yesterday when Clemson arrived in Tallahassee and the third-party test came back positive.  

Clemson, who travels with N-95 face masks and face shields and stays up-to-date with all ACC protocols, met with Florida State medical staff and officials on Saturday morning. The two sides could not come to an agreement on playing the game as scheduled. 

A source close to the Clemson Football Program told Clemson Sports News earlier this morning that Coach Swinney told the Florida State officials the Tigers would get tested today and the game could be played tomorrow, or even Monday (keep in mind that Clemson hosts Pitt next weekend). 

Florida State and its officials told Clemson that they did not want to play and the game would be postponed until another date. Both teams do have December 12th off, the fall back date the ACC set prior to the start of the season for “COVID” related postponements. 

No one is guaranteed to play this season,we know that. Just this weekend alone there were over 17+ cancellations of games or postponements, but this feels like it was more about not having to play Clemson, then it is about COVID. 

Florida State fans on Social Media are stating that this is Clemson’s fault due to the player who tested positive traveling with the team. 

This is also the same program that allowed its coach, Mike Norvell, back on the sidelines just 10 days after a positive test. The last second postponement couldn’t have anything to do with multiple players opt-out or straight up leaving the team over the last few weeks, could it? 

Norvell and Florida State telling Clemson no to playing the game tomorrow or Monday shows a lot more than people are looking into. Clemson was ready to get back on the field following a double-overtime loss to Notre Dame two weeks ago. The team traveled all the way down to Tallahassee, just to have to board the plane even before playing a second of football. 



  • Yes Totally wrong of Florida State University they should be ashamed 😑

  • They had a way out. Face it fsu is a mess right now. They had a way out and took it. Not CLEMSON fault . they player has passed all of his test. FSU just didn’t want the ugly loss Clemson was ready to lay on them .

  • This is just more of Florida State bull crap ! They just didn’t want to get waxed again on National tv like last year ! The beat down would have been much worse this year. They should be responsible for Clemson’s airfare and hotel & meal expenses. Even if they schedule it for Dec. 12, FSU will find another excuse !

  • Florida State should reimburse all Clemson’s travel expenses because they were too scared to play!

  • I agree with everyone else, FSU, needs too have to pay the Tigers air fare for coming to Florida in the first place, just too find out the Noles just didnt want that beat down again… #ScareOfClemson

  • FSU knew that because of the Norte Dame loss and because Trevor Lawerence hadn’t played in a while the score was gonna get ran up on them. Yes it was gonna be punishment for them and they didn’t want to face the embarrassment. This time COVID19 is their best friend, surely Dabo is not risking all his players for one.. If so Trevor would of played in the ND game..

  • Dont know why or what was going on behind the scenes. Players want to play. But someone did not want the game to happen. Simple, no rocket science here. Just dont tell me that one positive at the last minute was the cause. This cancellation was a forfeit by another name.


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