Did Florida State Cry COVID Wolf to get out of an Epic Beatdown?

Florida State Crys COVID Wolf?

By Zach Wagner

With the announcement of the postponement of the Clemson vs. Florida State this morning, many people are speculating that the Seminoles may have “cried wolf” and tried to get out of the game against the Tigers.

Clemson Sports News reached out to our sources in Tallahassee as soon as the news broke out of the ACC that said Coach Swinney told the Florida State Staff that they would get tested today and play tonight. After being told no, Swinney said they would evens stay until tomorrow or even Monday, and once again was told no by the Seminoles.

After taking Friday to travel all the way down to Tallahassee, Florida and spent the night in the team hotel, the Clemson Football Team was told by the Florida State Medical Staff that they didn’t think the game should be played and postponed the game.

Did Florida State cry COVID? It sure is looking like it from the outside looking in. The Seminoles should have to reimburse every penny the Tigers spent on travel and logistics down to Florida.

This also might cost Trevor Lawrence a Heisman Trophy and possibly a spot in the College Football Playoff. If Clemson cannot make this game up, that really hurts its chances to even make the ACC Championship if Miami plays one more game then the Tigers, they will head to Charlotte.

So what does this mean for Clemson? The Tigers will now likely meet Florida State on December 12th on the ACC “fallback” date for COVID postponements.


  • This will not cost Clemson a chance in the ACCCG. They hold the head to head match up with Miami. This counts over the %

  • Best I can tell, Miami cannot play one more game than Clemson. The Canes’ game with GTech was postponed and can’t be made up until Dec. 19 … the same day as the ACC title contest. So if Clemson and Miami end up at 9-1 on 12-12, Clemson advances on the head-to-head tiebreaker.

  • In my opinion FSU should have to not only have to reimburse Clemson’s expenditures fully, they also if the game is not rescheduled at a later date they should have to publicly to give just cause why they didn’t play the game and they should be made too forfeit the game to Clemson counting as a win. If it is discoverd that they just didn’t want to play, they should have to forfeit the rest of the year.

  • Make FSU come to Clemson
    Tigers should not have to pay for travel expenses again.

  • Highest ranked teams go to the championship game. Clemson will be ranked above Miami

  • FSU pundits are taking the position that the postponement is 100% on Dabo and Clemson. They say Dabo allowed a player that showed symptoms to practice all week and despite that, put him on the travel squad in an act of total irresponsibility, leaving FSU no choice or options but to cancel. Several cans of BS to that. First, how did they know the player was showing symptoms at practice? A spy or moles? Second, what kind of symptoms? Last count weren’t there about 600 symptoms or so? Third, if they are really that concerned about contact tracing and possible contagions, maybe they should just hang it up for all sports and any student interactions. Hell, pretend they moved the school to Michigan, they’d fit right in.


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