Conference Realignment Dominoes All Set To Fall

ACC Commissioner Jim Phillips Addresses Conference Re Alignment at ACC Media Days

Well, the college football world can just not sit still and enjoy football as it’s supposed to be. This past week, Oklahoma and Texas decided to show just how greedy they were and announced they wanted the big money out of the SEC. Granted, they’ve been going about this behind the scenes for about six months now. They waited until Jimbo Fisher took the podium in the SEC Media event to break it publicly.

As if this wasn’t enough on top of easing regulations on transfers and the NIL debacle, rumors hit the streets a couple of days ago that the SEC has reached out to Clemson, Florida State, Ohio State and Michigan to try and coerce them to join the SEC and make one big super conference. Ok, this will work itself out but lets focus on Clemson and what it would mean.

There are so many dominoes that will fall if Clemson somehow does join the SEC and goes along with this idea of a super conference. Right off the bat, there is the money. Money makes the world go round. In 2019, for example, the Big 10 racked in $780 million in revenue, the SEC $721 million. The Big 12 pulled in $439 million for 10 teams and the ACC? $455 million in revenue distributed among 14 teams. Money is the big reason Oklahoma and Texas want in the SEC. Can you imagine what Clemson could do with the extra income?

Clemson already recruits with the SEC, winning and losing battles over the top recruits. A lot of times, kids in the southeast listen to the rhetoric, listen to the media, and think playing the SEC is a stepping stone to the NFL, so playing in that conference, in their eyes, is an advantage. Now, take that advantage away if Clemson were in the SEC, some of those blue chip prospects will turn to Clemson because of the Clemson culture, the coaching staff, and the family atmosphere. Advantage Clemson in that respect.

Now, to the important consequence of Clemson joining the SEC. USC FANS WILL HATE IT!!!!! For years, all we’ve heard is how weak the ACC is, how it’s a cupcake conference, yada yada yada. It hasn’t stopped Clemson from owning USC and it will likely continue. How many times have we heard “No way you’ll go unbeaten in the SEC,” or “No way will Clemson win 10 games against an SEC schedule.” Guess what, if this “hustle” by the SEC comes to fruition, USC fans will be doing the old backpedaling dance. Bringing in four new teams to the SEC like the ones mentioned, will only push the gamecocks further down the totem pole and they may never see another winning season.

This is a gamecock nightmare. USC joined the SEC in 1992. Their record since 1992 is 180-169 overall, and 110-132, with a record of 9-6 in bowl games. Let’s go a step further, and break out Steve Spurrier and what he did with USC, 85 wins, 49 losses, and 5-4 in bowl games. Without Spurrier, since 1992, the gamecocks are 95-120. Basically, Spurrier led USC to three of their best seasons in their long history, He is not there. No brainer, right?

Fast forward six years since Spurrier left USC. Clemson, Ohio State, Florida State and Michigan join the SEC. College football as us old timers know it has changed, not necessarily for the best, but one BIG change if this expansion happens…….any disadvantage Clemson had prior to this, i.e. money/recruiting, is now just a nightmare for the gamecocks. Salty tears.

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