Clemson Football: Achieving Academic Success Both On & Off the Field

By: Jay Jacobs

Dabo Speaks, Clemson Sports News Answers the Challenge:

On Tuesday Clemson Media Day, Head Coach Dabo Swinney made the comment “ he wished the press would ask more about how his student athletes we’re among the top in the nation in graduation rate”. Well, here at CSN we want to let Coach Swinney know his comment did not fall on deaf ears.

CSN decided to go out, do the research and do the coaches bidding. What we were able to find out you will see below.

The APR (Academic Progress Rate) in which the NCAA data release shows that Clemson Football program scored a (999) multi year which matched the highest among Division 1 Power 5 institutions, set Clemson program records, and was only behind IVY League Columbia University. During this period, Clemson football won 4 ACC titles, advanced to 3 College Football Playoffs, and won a National Title in 2018.

Clemson Football has been in the top 10 percent of all football programs nationally in ten of the last 11 years. Dabo has been making his team win not only on the field, but off the field as well. APR Academic Progress Rate is a real time measure of eligibility and retention of student-athletes competing on every Division 1 sport.

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