2022 Tigers Football … Optimistic vs Pessimistic

Optimists vs Pessimists

For argument’s sake, optimists are referring to about 50% of Clemson fans, and pessimists are the rest of college football. So basically, 75% of fans are on the pessimist side. Count me an optimist.

Clemson can not begin 2022 as they did 2021. Starting out with Georgia Tech instead of Georgia should help that beginning.

Without going into individual games, the Tigers will most definitely look to start the season as they ended 2021. Getting off to a 4-3 start last year was not what 99% of college football fans expected, but it is what it is. All the reasons in the world will not change that. However, the Tigers turned it around, ending the season on a 6-game winning streak, outscoring their opponents 202-91. Still, this did not preclude the media to continue to say “Clemson was horrible last year”. You have to understand where this deep hatred comes from. One word…..envy. They are going to be sorely disappointed in 2022.

There is little to no doubt everyone expects Clemson to shutout every team on the schedule. The media hype revolves around the defensive line, which is arguably the best and deepest in the country. The Tigers lost 5 of 7 starters in the back end. The players stepping into starting roles are talented and experienced, and they shouldn’t skip a beat. The defense is expected to carry the team this year. Why?

There are reasons why the offense struggled; quarterback play, offensive line problems early, injuries, wide receiver separation, questionable play calling. You name it, Clemson faced it. Let’s be realistic here. The last three games of the season saw two true freshmen and Will Swinney as the starting wide receivers. Joe Ngata, EJ Williams, Frank Ladson, Bradon Galloway, Justyn Ross……nowhere to be found. Is it any wonder Tony Elliott went heavy into the run game after game 7? In the first 7 games, we tried calling plays that were successful in the past with TL and DW. No offense to DJ Uiagalelei, but with all things combined, it wasn’t working. Elliott turned to the run game and the Tiger offense put points on the board.

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Fast forward to 2022. The defense really is going to be one of the stoutest in college football. Will they give up points? Of course but not as many, as say, our sister team to the southeast. Last year, DJ had no one really pushing him to get better. Enter 5-star Texas quarterback Cade Klubnik. If the situation warrants, we may see another Kelly Bryant/Trevor Lawrence do over. The optimists feel that DJ will improve, the pass game will improve, and CK can be brought along slowly. The pessimists want DJ benched and run with the freshman.

A lot is going to happen between now and the next 85 days. Recruiting is on fire and will continue to rule the day until the beginning of August. Some think the offense will struggle until DJ is replaced. Others, like myself, think we are going to get back to the CFP. Only time will tell.

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  • Coach will find a way to win. Great double digit win season whether CFP or not.


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