How Low Can They Go … The Clemson Haters are on Fire

How Low Can They Go

Honestly, Clemson has a 69-5 record over the last five years. This is an amazing record. Over the last five years, everyone who watches college football just about can name every single game Clemson has lost. Every one of them.

A team can literally not win every game, every season for life. Impossible. Who has Clemson lost to? Alabama twice in the playoffs, LSU in the playoffs, Pittsburgh and Syracuse. That’s it. There are no others. This is in five years.

Fast forward to the Clemson-NCState basketball over the weekend. This is a football team that Clemson has beaten 15 out of the last 16. The tigers have outscored the wolfies 559 – 314, an average of 34.9 to 19.6. Clemson has totally taken over this “rivalry” and simply owns NCState. So, what does this have anything to do with it? At the Clemson-NCSU basketball game on Saturday in Raleigh, state fans thought it would be fun to chant “LSU LSU LSU”. Really? “LSU LSU LSU?” Ok, we expect this from an SEC team as they are all pretty much bandwagon fans over there. Just another example of why NCST fans are viewed by the rest of the ACC as one of the lamest in the conference.

Here is another tweet I found. Hard to tell which crying fanbase this was, though I’ve got an idea.

“​The true loser from tonight wasn’t C​lemson​, it was America .​Ohio State​ is a better team than ​Clemson​ and would have gone toe-to-toe with LSU and possibly won. Unfortunately, the Fiesta Bowl refs decided that they would prefer to watch LSU dominate an inferior team. Sad.”

Sad? What’s sad is an Ohio State fan base that refuses to accept they were NOT a better team than Clemson. If they had of been the better team,, they would have been in the championship game and not at home crying their beer.

Last but not least, leave it to our feathered “rivals” in the middle of the state to reach lower than the rest of college football.

“​Had the game been a week earlier Trevor wouldn’t have been on his period and might have played better.. the water weight and bloating really affected his game.”

Talking about how Travis Etienne got out of Louisiana “ Well, Let’$ $ee. $omewhere $outh of Picken$ County lie$ a $eemingly $oul in$piring hou$e of God called New $pring. It function$ $eparately and out$ide of Clem$on’$ $port$, or $o one think$. But thing$ aren’t alway$ what they $eem. You under$tand now?”

Suffice it to say, Clemson has taken over as the most hated team in America, swiping the title from good ole Alabama. The rhetoric in 2020 is going to be similar to 2019 “Easy path to the playoffs; weak schedule; they play in the ACC” blah blah blah. Clemson fans, get ready for it. Then again, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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